Thursday, May 21, 2015

a summer visit long ago
brother, sis and nephews
“puppies! we have puppies uncle rob!”
twirling, falling, running, underfoot fur

one often apart from the brood
walking around a corner, two brown eyes survey me
white band of fur encircles neck
“we named him Collar” nephews declare

another moment
another corner I turn
two brown eyes
circle of white

“he chooses you” she said
“take him when you go”
how can I with condo hip car slick exec?
I have no time for fur

two brown eyes
they spoke to me
wake up!
think how good it will be

papers, rules, logistics
weeks later
jetset fur takes flight with smelly shirt
tiny cage, alone, plane noise: fear

new home: comfy cage, toys in condo chic
my queen bed not in plan
but best laid plans…
brown eyes wake with me

friends say he cries when I am gone
eyes fill with joy on my return
face to fur and muzzle
wet hello

bouncy walks along the country lane
darts into woods and reappears in distance
his head turns down and rockets to me
joy joy joy

over years old companions we become
best friends through thin
no wavering through thick
without condition

addiction creeps into my home
silent deadly footfalls
on knees I weep to god
Collar whines and paces; unsure of what to do

lonely nights in fear
danger echoes within painful days
my head against the breathing fur
comfort mine to take

coming out the other side
bouncy walks re-appear
monsters once in bed with me
go to sleep

time reaches out to my friend
his waking seems so hard
walking stiff and hurt
brown eyes reach out to me

before our last car trip
a last glance at bowl and leash
many last time moments
it’s time for Collar to rest

my face to moist nose
my arms embrace
my god
my dog

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